Straight from the other side of the Atlantic – Neon Tiger!

Electric Fabric Podcast: Gast-DJ Neon Tiger

In our April podcast #068 we have a very special guest from the U.S., female DJ Neon Tiger from Houston, Texas!

Neon Tiger a.k.a. Theresa Klein can be considered a music addict since her early childhood and has been a DJ now for many years. First starting with promoting at the Lizard Lounge“ she became keen on DJing shortly after that. During her career she played with many well known DJs. We want to give you the chance to get to know her a little bit and therefore we made an interview with her.

EF: Hello Theresa, great to have you here in our podcast! Many thanks for mixing your guest mix for us and especially for giving us the chance to have this interview with you! So for the start we would like you to say hello to our audience and telling us something about you, about Neon Tiger. What is it all about with your style, your name and how did you find the path to electronic dance music?

NT: Hello and thank you for having me as your guest DJ! Neon Tiger the name has been with me since 2001 upon reading article that described what a Neon Tiger was: a person at a party who was more unknown to the people but had a keen sense of who and what was going on with everyone else. In a way I feel that I am a Neon Tiger when I make mixes or plan my sets. I look for sounds that are unique and unknown that I want to represent as an artist. As far as my physical style, I never want to “sell sex” and be that sort of female dj. I want to be sexy with the music and that is the focus. For my musical style, I am definitely a girl who loves to tell a story with the music, via the vocals especially. I usually play a range of house, tech house and progressive house. I have been known to be more aggressive with my style of play by not keeping it mild.

EF: What would you say were the most important highlights in your musical career so far?

NT: One of them has to be headlining at a Stereo Live Houston TX, the largest EDM club and keeping the club open one hour past closing because the crowd wouldn’t leave. Another would be having a radio show on (AH.FM). It took me four years of working on station to finally get the opportunity to play with AH.FM, they were voted #1 progressive and trance show on the internet in the world and my show was called Attack the Track with Neon Tiger.

EF: As far as we know you already played together with Marcus Schossow. How did it come to this and with which other international artists have you been on stage?

NT: I used to live in England, (Stoke-on-Trent) and my then boyfriend was working with AVA Recordings and exposed me to a lot of new artists at that time (2005-06), one of them being Marcus Schossow. When I moved back to the US I had a huge desire to promote my own brand of party and he was the first artist I wanted to book. Then he was up-and-coming and I wanted to share with everyone and artist they did not know about… I was very fortunate to have such an artist perform at my first show ever. I also booked Sied van Riel, Myon and Shane 54 and assisted to promote the first Coldharbour Night in Dallas Tx.

EF: Talking about you is not only talking about the music but your second passion – that’s the fashion! In combination there can be found many names like Neon Tiger Productions, Angelbaby and Violet Groove. And as we understand it’s all about fashion and music. Please tell us more about it and let our readers know, how it is all put together.

NT: Since 1999 I have worked in some way with the fashion industry. I have always considered myself an audio/visual person. When creating my dreams of promoting either parties or myself, there is a special look that I am always going for. Neon Tiger Productions was my first business and it included throwing fashion shows. Angelbaby was the first all female promotion team that would be hired by clubs to flyer in person on the street and inside of other clubs the next latest dance party, to be honest, I had the best looking group of women! We even wore large black angel wings, it was sexy but classy. Violet Groove was my second promotion company after moving back from England. It has always had a darker feel and under that name I threw some amazing “white parties” where the club was under black lights.

EF: We have the fashion, promoting and DJing. What about producing? Are there any plans producing your own music or is there already something out there you have produced?

NT: I have not produced anything yet. I have ideas all the time, and a special song that I would like to produce one day.. very inspiring. But for the moment, I am focusing on some other things in life. When the time is right, I will focus on production. It is such a commitment I want to be sure that I have the time and energy to devote myself to learning the craft, I know it is not easy to make quality and good music. At least I am ready with Logic Pro 10 when I am ready ;)

EF: As you just said, you have been to England some years ago and have lived there for a while. So we guess you got in touch with the UK dance scene as well. What was your biggest impression you can think of you experienced there?

NT: My biggest impression was going to Global Gathering! The most important part of this was hearing Steve Lawler for the first time… he played Violet and that song was so influential to me that I named my next business Violet Groove. I should also mention the cave raves… we would drive hours to go into a forest to find a cave filled with dancing people and one dj jamming out to vinyl house tunes, it was a unique experience.

EF: Coming from the past and present to your future. What are your future plans? What can we expect from you music-wise as well as in fashion? And are there plans to come to Europe again at some time?

NT: Right now, to be honest, the future is unclear. In regards to music, I have always wanted my time dj’ing to be rare and special. I am playing at some local events in Houston from time-to-time. As far as fashion goes, I work in interior design and also sell contemporary art as well… I would say I am pretty inspired by the unique art and music that exists in this world. As long as I am evolving, who knows what the future will bring? Visiting Europe, yes! I plan to continue to visit Europe and if I could live there, that would be amazing!

EF: Cool, we wish you good luck with that! Many thanks again for the interview and your guest mix and have a great time!

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