Interview with T:Base & Level C of C Recordings

Gast-DJs im Electric Fabric Podcast - T:Base & Level C von C Recordings

This month in our Electric Fabric podcast we’re going deep into Drum&Bass again, and this time with a very special guestmix: a showcase mix for the label “C Recordings”, selected and mixed by none other than label bosses T:Base & Level C! As always with our guests we did ask them a few questions, and managed to learn about some details about their work and the label. We hope you enjoy reading the interview!

EF: Hi guys, welcome to the Electric Fabric Podcast. First of all, let me say „Thanks“ for the great C Recordings showcase mix that you guys did as a guestmix! To round off the package, of course we’d like to know more about the DJs behind it as with all the other guests, so please introduce yourself to the readers and listeners!

TB&LC: Thanks for the question, however we’d like to answer another one first. Since it’s only 10 minutes until the next game of the German soccer team we don’t have time for the interview!
Just kidding of course…first and foremost, thanks for inviting us to contribute to your podcast, we’ve been following the Electric Fabric podcasts regularly.
We (T:Base & Level C) are two brothers from the beautiful city of Chemnitz in Saxony, always worth a visit for every reader and listener – really! We’re absolutely into the liquid and deep sides of Drum&Bass, as shown by the releases on our label C Recordings.

EF: Since when do you play Drum&Bass? And do you always play as a DJ team, or are there occasions of you guys touring the clubs individually?

TB&LC: We’ve been DJing for about 5 years now, but the older one of us has already tried other genres like Eurodance, around 10 years ago.
We’re mostly playing as a team, but there are indeed some occasions when one of us is playing as a solo act. We try to incorporate every type of Drum&Bass in our sets, and really pay attention to the overall arc in the set, to create a musical journey through different energy levels!

EF: You’re not only DJs, but Producers as well! What drove you to create your own tunes? And why Drum&Bass?

TB&LC: A good question! We’ve both been introduced to music at a very young age, both playing the piano. One member of our family had great influence on that – a Jazz piano player by the name of Werner Israel.

The second question is equally important! Why Drum&Bass? There’s no definite „logical“ answer to that though. Of course we also listen to other music, and tried to produce tunes in other genres. But our heart just beats for everything between 165 and 180 BPM. Drum&Bass is so unbelievably versatile! Deep, jazzy, liquid, hard, even harder…you could name countless subgenres, even though Drum&Bass itself is already a subgenre.

I guess the essence of it is that we didn’t choose Drum&Bass, it just came naturally from the heart. It’s simply our taste, same as other people might like (and party to) Techno or even Schlager.

EF: What are your „weapons of choice“ when producing tunes? Ableton or Logic (or something else)? Hardware or software synths?

TB&LC: We work in Ableton and Cubase, mainly using sofware synths. From time to time we like to have fun and let the creative juices flow using (Native Instruments) Maschine.

EF: And how long to you take to work on any given track, until it’s ready for mastering and release?

TB&LC: There’s no single answer to that. Sometimes a track is done in a day – but when we’re working on some album material for instance, months can pass by!

EF: Let’s talk about your „baby“ C Recordings – a rather young & fresh label, but already with quite a number of releases, and some good artists! How do you deal with all the additional tasks of running a label? I bet there are lots of additional hours of work involved that don’t deal with DJing and music production at all?

TB&LC: We thought you’d never ask!
To anyone asking why we started the label in the first place, there’s only one answer: because we had, and still have the itch to do it! We started the label in early 2013, however the idea for it has been in our heads for much longer.

Of course the things that we need to do in order to keep the label running consume much of our time. And some tasks feel like „work“ to us now. But seen as a whole, it’s still a hobby which is lots of fun. We love to communicate with our artists, be it the local guys from around the corner, or the international ones. Many things don’t have anything to do with DJing anymore…however we did the mix for your podcast – and used only tunes from the label! While listening to the recorded mix again we thought „it sounds ok-ish“ haha!
All jokes aside, the work surrounding the label really gives us much pleasure which was the whole reason to start it in the first place. Also another decisive factor was, that the great local label „Dead Metropolis“ from Chemnitz is not around anymore.

EF: We played tracks from your label on our Electric Fabric podcast before, and therefore are all the more delighted to see that your fresh label already seems to get quite the recognition in the scene! Are you happy with the current level of success as well?

TB&LC: Yes we definitely are! At this point we’d also like to say thanks for your support. We keep hearing tunes from our label in radioshows and mixes, and it’s really amazing how far we’ve come already.

EF: What can we expect from you & the label in the future?

TB&LC: Many great releases by known and unknown artists! And of course we hope to be able to play our tunes at one event or another ourselves!
We’re also planning a vinyl release for 2015 but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, no further details on that for now…

EF: With your guestmix for our podcast being a special „C Recordings Showcase“, of course we’re interested how you picked the tracks used in the mix. 60 minutes are obviously not enough time to show off everything from your 15+ releases – how did you decide?

TB&LC: Actually we didn’t really think too much about it, we just chose tracks spontaneously. But it was important to us to play many fresh releases as well as unreleased upcoming tunes!

EF: Last but not least, we’d like to know a little bit about the local Drum&Bass scene in your hometown of Chemnitz! Are there many events, and what kind of DnB is mostly being played? Are you going out at all, or do you prefer to work in the studio instead?

TB&LC: There’s always been a very active DnB scene in Chemnitz and that’s still the case today – and we’re very happy about that. Nowadays JumpUp & Rave-DnB are taking center stage, a few years ago it was more about Liquid & Jungle. Our goal is to concentrate on the liquid and deep side of DnB, but we’re not limiting ourselves to only that style.

EF: Thanks for taking the time for this interview! Any last words to the readers out there? Now’s the time!

TB&LC: First of all thanks for listening & reading! We hope that you liked our showcase mix. Respect to all our great artists! We hope that you will check out more about C Recordings, be it a release or a guestmix.
If you’ve got any questions, we’re here. Or just come over and visit us at an event in Chemnitz, or maybe invite us to play at your event!

Special thanks to our Mastering Engineers, which are Mario Mochocho and Sebastian Substax – they provide the masters for C Recordings. Also we’d like to thank Nano42, the FreeMindRecords team (Cursive, Trebor & TSDNB), the Weltecho Chemnitz, the Sanitätsstelle Chemnitz, Mr. Spooky Terror, Dem Reclaim Team, DJ Sighter, the Cube Club, the Bunker, Liquid Tones, LN4, DJ Gauge, Overfiend, all @ Bassdrive for playing our tunes in their shows, all @ Liquidsessionsradio, Intelligent Manners, Stunna, NADINE, John Ohms, Tobestar & Sinnamix, DJ Cemtex, DJ Method, Lee P D!

And finally we’d like to extend our deepest thanks to you guys out there – all the people who support us and the label. You are who make this label possible. And if only one of you leaves a positive comment on one of our YouTube videos or our Soundcloud stream, we’re extremely happy!

Thanks as well to the Electric Fabric team, especially Yoko. We really hope to be able to visit you guys in Hamburg sometime!

T:Base & Level C (C RECORDINGS)

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